The Moonlight Ring | Gold Vermeil

Magic, luminescent ribbons of moonlight have transfixed humans since the beginning. They sparkle the ocean, cleanse our crystals, and light our journeys home. The cyclical nature of the moon’s energies is one of expansion and contraction. This ring is a talisman to bring softness and grace to these movements. May it ground and affirm you during this chapter of your growth.  

14K gold vermeil statement ring featuring a faceted rainbow moonstone.

Handmade - please wear with care.

Moonstone reminds us that it is time to get down with our divine selves. It invites us to explore the places in our bodies that need both passion and healing. This gemstone is also an ideal companion for an inward spiritual journey and it fires up our feminine side. Be prepared for an influx of intuition.

Gold vermeil is an overlay of gold over a base of sterling silver and requires special care. To extend the life of your gold vermeil jewelry, remove when washing hands, showering, applying lotions or perfumes, using harsh cleansers, or working out. Always store your jewelry in a dry place, preferably in individual air-tight bags. Do not use chemical jewelry cleansers or polishing cloths on gold vermeil jewelry.

Gold vermeil jewelry will inevitably fade to a warm silver or a light 10K gold colour. This is the nature of plated jewelry. The rate of wear depends on care, climate and individual body chemistry, and may vary greatly on a case by case basis. As rings are worn on the hand, and are exposed to more frequent rubbing, they will often age more quickly than necklaces or earrings. We do not offer re-plating of our gold vermeil designs and all sales of gold vermeil jewelry are final.

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