The Crystal Fix Book

How to Use This Book

Finding a Crystal to Match Your Need

There are a number of ways in which you can use this book to find the right crystal for your needs. At the heart of the book, the stone directory ‘The Crystals’ discusses over 60 individual stones in detail and is organized in sections according to key healing properties, whether they are for Love & Relationships or Health & Wellness, and so on. You can also turn to the ‘Stones By Need’ index, which identifies common concerns, from depression and anxiety to fear of flying and insomnia.

Crystals in the Home

The first chapter is an introduction to crystals and includes a guide to using crystals to create positive energy flow within your home. It is organised according to rooms in the home, to help you find stones that match up with energy you want to attract into a space. It discusses various shapes and sizes of crystals, along with crystal care and different ways to cleanse and charge your stones.

Using Crystals

Chapter three provides step-by-step guides to key rituals, crystal grids and elixirs to enhance crystal healing. It introduces crystal-infused beauty routines to promote healthy, glowing skin, as well as massage treatments and other healing methods that can be enhanced by incorporating crystals.

Category: Crystals, Home, Rituals